Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards II

When I saw the 2016 Leaf Greatest Moments set I was hooked and I cannot even tell you why, it is a rather basic design and there are no logos or even city names. There are only 12 athletes in the limited set with each card having 9 different parallels in addition to the Silver Prismatic base cards.

In June I posted the first four Griffey cards that I had picked up. At the time I had the base Silver Prismatic #/106 (But not numbered), Blue Prismatic #/25, Purple Prismatic #/15 and Pink Prismatic #/10. To complete the rainbow, I still needed the Black Prismatic #/7, Green Prismatic #/5, Red Prismatic #/3 and the Gold, Super Prismatic and Printing Plates #1/1 cards. I am another step to completing this rainbow with the pickup of the Black Prismatic card.

I know that the odds are against me with the three different #1/1 cards (Gold, Super and Printing Plates) but I will try my hardest to pick up the Green Prismatic and Red Prismatic when I am ready to start picking up cards again.

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