Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Can't Finish A PC Rainbow? Hey, Start Another Rainbow

 When you are working on a PC rainbow and you are down to the final two cards and you can not find them, what do you do? If you said start another rainbow of another player we are thinking the same thing and it is driving me crazy that I even considered it.

In 2016 I decided to chase the 14 parallels of Marshawn Lynch’s 2013 Topps Chrome #6 card and to keep from going totally mad I decided to not chase down the #1/1 Superfractor or the four printing plates. I hit 11 cards and was halted and last June I considered selling off the cards I have and wash my hands to that rainbow, but I ended up finding the Blue #/199 that I needed and it kind of renewed my search. I am currently sitting at 12 of the 14 cards, missing the Gold #/50 and Red #/25, and I am at a standstill again.

STOP! … Don’t go down that rabbit hole” said the logical part of my brain. I have a whole Wants List I could have worked off but the evil voice in the back of my mind suggested “Hey, how about the 2015 Topps Chrome Richard Sherman #9 card you considered before? You’ll want that rainbow” I gave in to the evil voice and started another rainbow. Big sigh…

I began the chase shortly after I picked up the last Lynch card in June and I was able to find the base card and 13 of the parallels for way less than I have invested in the Marhawn Lynch rainbow. I decided to stick with ignoring the Superfractor and printing plates so there is the base, 14 parallels and a photo variation, so 16 cards overall.

I am feeling pretty good with this chase because I was able to knock off so many of the cards pretty quick. I am missing the Purple and photo variation #9.2 w/ turkey and what has given me a laugh is that the Purple is un-numbered, but I can’t find it anywhere, I can only find the purple mini version and I am collecting the regular cards not the minis. The photo variation is readily available, I just haven't picked it up yet.

Who would have thought that the final card that I will need to complete a rainbow would be an un-numbered Purple parallel?




Hot Box Blue Diamond


Blue Wave


Camo #/499

BCA Pink #/399

Black #/299

Blue #/199

Sepia #/99

Gold #/50

Red #/25


  1. There's no such thing as too many rainbows :)

  2. I agree with Jon... you can never have enough rainbows. Congratulations! It sure is pretty.