Monday, January 1, 2018

Let The Year Begin

A couple of years ago I started setting goals for both my collection and the blog, they were straight forward and obtainable, but I realized that the goals I was setting were not something that I needed to set because those were already my plans. A resolution should be something new, a big change, not a continuation of my routine. That was when I stopped setting the goals but that isn’t saying I will never state a resolution for my collection or blog.

For 2018 there are things I would like to do more often, specifically more trades. I enjoy helping someone with their collection and my favorite card of 2017 came to me in a trade with Matt from Bob Walk The Plank

I have also decided to once again do a bit of trimming of my PC collection, not getting rid of any cards but instead focusing more on one part. In years past I have adjusted and focused more on specific athletes and going in to 2017 I was down to just four PC players; Griffey Jr, Jay Buhner, Ryan Bader and Steve Largent. This year I am going to cut it down to two; Griffey and Buhner.

Bader and Largent will now be considered secondary-PC collections. With Bader moving to Bellator MMA he will not be included in any new Topps UFC sets so I can now take the time to hunt down his cards only when the price is right instead of rushing to find cards before the next set comes out and I add to my wants list. With Largent I was able to pick up quite a few of his low-end cards over the year and I am down to only 24 cards on my Largent wants list and about half of those are higher end/limited cards.

I added just over 100 unique Griffey cards this past year, with most of those coming way of the Great Griffey Giving box and my COMC order, and I more than doubled my Buhner collection (I didn’t even realize that until today). Interestingly I hit the point where I have more Griffey cards, 1,360, in my collection than I have on my Griffey wants list, 1,310.

My current player collections:
Ken Griffey Jr.: 1,360 unique cards
Jay Buhner: 247 unique cards

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  1. Largest is now considered a secondary PC? Wow. 2017 was truly a rough year. Here's to a great 2018 and a happy new year!