Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday Question Day- Boob Tube Cards?

We got over a foot of snow this past Thursday and Friday so there was plenty of time to catch up on the shows on my DVR, which leads to today's question.

Is there a television show that you watch and would like to see a trading card set built on?

The shows that come to mind are both animated shows, Futurama and Bob’s Burgers. There is a Bob’s Burgers Target exclusive 6-card set that was included in a DVD release and I did pick up that set, but I would like to see a full set with sketch cards and autographs.


  1. I would like a comprehensive set on the Simpsons, the only non-sports related show I watch regularly.

  2. Looks like Night Owl needs those Bob's Burgers cards for his 1975 Topps super
    master set!

  3. I saw these posted on TCDB and is it safe to assume you added it on there? If so, thanks so much. I'm not much of a fan of the show, but a friend of mine is and his birthday is coming up so I'll have something to get him if I find a good deal on ebay.

  4. I collected TV cards when I was a kid, but it doesn't really interest me now. Although if someone made cards of The West Wing or Sports Night, I probably couldn't resist.

  5. Bob's Burgers gets my vote too. It's one of the shows I'll throw on and play in the background while I'm doing work around the house. I wrote about the entire set/pack over on A Pack To Be Named Later back in September: