Friday, February 15, 2019

Vintage Card Of The Month- 1916 John Players & Sons Wonders Of The World Potala Palace

This month’s Vintage Card of the Month is the Potala Palace, located in Tibet, and this is from the 1916 John Player & Sons Wonders of the World. The set includes wonderful destinations from around the world like the Acropolis and the Grand Canyon. 

A set like this would be an amazing journey for a child in 1916. Imagine knowing nothing about Victoria Falls in Africa and then seeing these colorful illustrations and a short write up on the back. This card is the Potala Palace, which was the home and sanctuary of the Dalai Lama until the Chinese invaded.

The card is your typical tobacco sized card and is in nice condition, only a small crease in one corner. The card was reprinted 10 years later by the Wills Tobacco company. I have that card too.


  1. "A set like this would be an amazing journey for a child in 1916"... I have similar thoughts about old picture books, and old card sets, all the time.

  2. Palace is beautiful! Tibet is definitely on my bucket list. Although my anxiety will probably keep me from actually reaching that goal.