Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Day Closer To Enshrinement

The trade package I am covering today comes from Ryan of This Card Is Cool. This trade included some of the coolest and rather rare Griffey cards from Japanese sets. The first six cards are from the 2000 Japanese Ovation release, the Griffey Gallery insert set. The Japanese Ovation release mirrored the U.S. in design but included NPB players although Griffey was included in two insert sets (the other one being Homerun Chronicles) plus some relic cards.

These are some cards that I have had a difficult time finding at a reasonable price but Ryan lives in Japan so they were much more accessible to him and I am very thankful he was happy to help me with my collection.

The other card he was able to find for me is the 2010 Sega Card Gen. I have only seen a Griffey Sega Card Gen card a couple of times and I didn’t know but there are actually two Griffey cards on the Sega Card Gen checklist and with Ryan’s help I am halfway there.

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