Friday, July 15, 2016

Winner Announcement

I once again want to thank everyone who reads my blog. A quick rundown of how the prizes will be awarded, it will be a draft-like selection with the first winner having their choice of the seven prizes. The second person selected will have their choice of the remaining six prizes, the third person selected will have their choice of the remaining five prizes and so on.

I need each of the selected winners to please send me an email at jumper48 at gmail dot com and in the subject line please state “Prize Winner” so I can pick them out quickly. In the email I will need your name and address. Once I begin to receive the emails I will contact each winner in order and let them know which prizes are available.

Now on to the winners, please note that I did have to randomize the list one additional time (the fifth list) because one person was selected a second time.

#1 John Hazen
#2 CaptainKirk42
#3 Timothy Sill
#4 Xavier Higgins
#5 Bo
#6 Arpsmith
#7 B Man



  1. It's with a heavy heart that I concede to the winners and wish them all the best in their collecting pursuits.

  2. I am thrilled to have won-since I have bad luck, in general.