Thursday, July 7, 2016

The First Group Of Prizes

Earlier this year I ordered 5 sealed 1997 Topps Screen Play tins in hopes of pulling one of the two Griffey tins and cards from the set but I had no luck, I ended up purchasing the two Griffey cards afterwards, but I set the tins aside to be included in my blog-versary contest. I did post about one of the tins that I did open and review but the other four remained unnamed, now it is time to announce which players were in the other four tins.

The one tin that I did open and take a look at was Mark McGwire, the foam inside was deteriorating so I removed it and to see what the card looks like I took the protective film cover off of it. The remaining four tins are all still complete, a couple have some slight dents, with foam and the cards still are covered with the protective film.

Here they are; Juan Gonzalez, Sammy Sosa, Paul Molitor and Andrew Jones.

There is still plenty of time to enter my contest, just head to my 7th Blog-versary Contest post

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