Sunday, July 24, 2016

Congratulations Ken and Mike

The Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its two newest members, Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr. Two classy players who never got caught up in the steroid firestorm that still hangs over some players in their attempt to get in to the Hall of Fame. Griffey is the first #1 Draft Pick to get selected for the Hall of Fame, not to mention the highest percentage of BBWA votes, and Piazza is the lowest Draft Pick, at #1,390, to be selected for the Hall of Fame.

I watched the ceremony this afternoon and you couldn’t help getting a bit misty-eyed during parts of their speeches and I think that Griffey reminded us that he not only was the “Kid” but that he is still the “Kid” when he put his baseball cap on backwards at the end of his speech.
Griffey was a fashion statement from head to toe today. I quickly noticed the Swingman logo on his tie and of course his Mariner’s teal colored pocket square but at one point when the camera pulled in close I was able to see that his pin-striped suit was not just any suit but the stripes actually said “Hall of Fame Class of 2016”. Now that took some imagination but the tailor who made the suit was not to be outdone because Nike stepped it up and designed his leather lace-up shoes with heels made from one of his game-used bats (that is one authentication I would trust). Toss in some Jackie Robinson socks and he was a fashion icon today.

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