Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conference Championship Games

Now that the Conference Championship games have begun, you see that each team’s QB has something to accomplish (outside of the obvious response, Win the Super Bowl).

If Brett Favre wins the Super Bowl he can go out a winner, ala John Elway, and put all the turbulence of the last few years behind him.

If Drew Brees wins the Super Bowl he will show all the naysayers, as well as the Chargers, that he was tossed on the trash heap before his time came to shine.

If Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl he will enter the group of elite Quarterbacks including Starr, Montana and Brady.

If Mark Sanchez wins the Super Bowl he will prove that he can be a winner and is ready to play in the NFL, something that ex-USC coach Pete Carroll said he was not ready to do before the NFL Draft. Not to mention that he would be the only rookie QB ever to win a Super Bowl.

Wouldn’t it be ironic to see the Vikings and Jets play in the Super Bowl? Favre’s new team versus his ex-team? One of the best QBs ever, nearing the end of his career, playing against one of the league’s premier young QBs at the beginning of his career.

I do realize that one man does not win the Super Bowl and that each team has played to their potential to get where they are today.

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