Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Furor Over Tim Tebow?

First before I start, I am not making a political or religious statement. This is a discussion about Tim Tebow and his collectibility.

Focus on Family, a Pro-Life organization, has created a pro-family ad that will be aired during the Super Bowl. How does this relate to sports cards and collecting? Tim Tebow, a potential Top 25 NFL Draft pick, and his beliefs are the center of the commercial.

A number of groups have made requests of CBS to drop the commercial, which in response announced that they would now allow “Appropriate” advocacy ads during the Super Bowl.

To keep this from becoming a discussion about political views or religious belief, I ask will Tim Tebow’s decision to appear in the commercial change your collecting habits? Will the commercial cause his rookie cards to increase in price or lower? Personally I don’t think it will affect his collectibility in the long run, he may loose some collectors but gain others. It is odd, athletes will always be judged by how they play and not so much on their off-field habits. Players have been arrested, choked out their coaches, cheated and even said things that were offensive or racist and while their prices will fluctuate they eventually settle.

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