Friday, January 8, 2010

Pete Carroll, The Newest Seahawk?

So I find myself in a quandary with the latest news out of Seattle. Today, completely by surprise, the Seattle Seahawks fired Jim Mora. As a Seahawk fan this was unexpected. Given he had a dismal season going 5-11 and loosing the final 4 games but to be fair the Seahawks have had some serious injury problems and there has been some changes made and important positions so most people would expect a season or two for everyone to jell.

Growing up a Univ of Arizona fan I am programmed to dislike all other Pac-10 teams, so obviously USC is part of that disdain. Now the rumor is that the Seahawks fired Mora with the intent of bringing on Pete Carroll to take on coaching duties. I like the idea of bringing in a coach that has proven he can be a winner. In 9 years at USC Carroll has gone 97-19, including 9 bowl games (7-2) and 2 National Championships, which is a wonderful resume but his Pro career is a little less spectacular. In 4 seasons as an NFL Head Coach with the Jets and Patriots he is 33-31 with a 1-2 in the playoffs.

I actually have a good feeling about the change, I hate to see Mora fired because he was brought in specifically to take over for Holmgren but if bringing in Carroll can return the team to glory then I am for it. Fortunately, Carroll runs a Pro-Style offense at SC so it may not be a difficult conversion for the Seahawks.

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