Saturday, January 2, 2010

Agent Zero, The World Is Not Enough

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Gilbert Arenas, one of the top rated Point Guards in the NBA, continues to disappoint. Not on the court, but out in the real world. Allegedly Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton were playing a card game on a return flight from Phoenix on Dec 19th and Arenas refused to pay his gambling debt, then a few days later Arenas reportedly brought three handguns to practice, which caused Crittenton to respond with his own threats.

I hate to disparage an Arizona Wildcat but Arenas has continued to make bad choices off the court time and time again. Either he is running his mouth or making horrible choices.

Agent Zero could have easily been ranked as one of the best Point Guards of this generation. He ranks near the top in Points Per Game, Rebounds Per Game and Assists Per Game. He could easily be grouped with Steve Nash, Chris Paul and Deron Williams but he is almost an after thought because of his off-court antics. You can find Arenas relics and autographs for under $1, which does not seem to do him justice. He turns 28 in a few days and still has a number of years ahead of him so it is possible to see him finally come to the front where he belongs, he just needs to grow up and shut his mouth, let his play define him and not his constant bickering.

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