Monday, November 1, 2010

A Blog Honor

I recently received an email from Sheryl at Satellite Dish, a website dedicated to satellites that offers expert information to readers nationwide. Interestingly enough the web site includes list articles covering the “Top” of various subjects such as “Top 10 Movie Action Stars of All-Time” and “40 Video Game Blogs Classics and More” and the reason I was contacted is because my blog has been included on one of their most recent list article: “25 Fantastic NFL Football Card Collecting Blogs”.

This is truly an honor to have my blog included on a list with some heavy weight hitters like the Upper Deck blog, the Beckett blog, Sports Collector Daily and Night Owl Cards. I appreciate being included in this list and would like to thank Sheryl and Satellite Dish for creating a web site that takes the time to not only support their own community (satellites) but even goes beyond that to support and honor other communities like sports cards, video games, television and classic cars. We may belong to different hobbies but we are all the same collector inside.

I wanted to highlight one specific blog listed, Nearmint’s Vintage Football Card Blog. This site is a wealth of vintage football cards and is well worth the time to read through if you are a true vintage collector. As part of his web site he also includes a vintage football card gallery that includes checklists and images of football cards dating back to the 1888 Goodwin Champions set.


  1. That's is an awesome honor. I just today located your blog and for it to be listed among some I already read like "Bad Wax" and "Sports Card Radio" is great. I can't believe I haven't stumble across it sooner, but the more I read I am finding great blogs. Keep up the excellent work.

    Phillip Whiteside aka paw75

  2. Great blog. Just found you today. Nice work.