Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Joe Jackson Worth $70,000

Would you pay $70,000 for this card? Leaf is estimating that this real Joe Jackson autograph (most Jackson autos were actually signed by his wife) could eventually sell for $70,000-100,000 and they recently announced how this card could make it in to the hands of one lucky collector.

On December 7th, 2010, Leaf will be releasing the Leaf Cut Signature Edition Update and in 3 boxes there will be a special Lucky Clover Joe Jackson card. A 4th Lucky Clover card will be sent to the collector who presents Leaf with the “Most Complete” set of 2010 Sports Icons Update. One of the holders of these 4 special Luck Clover cards will walk away from the 2011 National with this very Shoeless Joe Jackson cut signature card, as a consolation prize the other 3 Lucky Clover card holders will each receive a case of 2011 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signature.

Is $70,000 a realistic number? I understand that this is an actual Joe Jackson signature so you have to take that in to account, because Joe Jackson was illiterate his wife Kate Jackson signed most of his autograph requests though latter in his life he learned how to sign his own name so he could sign checks and legal documents and this appears to be one of his early signatures. The last “real” Joe Jackson signature sold in the early 1990s for $24,000 so I guess it is possible that this card may actually sell for $70,000 but I do not see a cut signature card ever selling for that price. In comparison his Will, a legal document that he signed in front of witnesses, has been estimated to be valued at $100,000 so that may put things in to perspective.

Kate Jackson Signed "Joe Jackson" Autograph Ball


  1. Shoeless Joe was couldn't read or write. All autographs claiming that it is Shoeless Joe are fake.

    1. true but not true sir its has been proven that his wife autographed for him which in a way represents his signature

  2. Actually it has been acknowledge that he could sign his name (and only his name) in his later years including signing his will in front of court officials. So to say all autographs are fake is not true but I would agree with 99% are fake.

  3. Auction Hunters came across a glove that is period correct with Joe Jackson's signature on it. After examining a few of the signatures here and elsewhere, I would guess it was a Kate Jackson signed glove. At least it was his wife...