Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Question- Topps Quality Control

Does Topps even care about quality control or do they just deal with reactionary QC?

Topps, the point is that the missing and damaged cards should be dealt with before the packs get out in to the hands of the collectors especially when your company is known for poor quality control. You are tossing a bandage on the wound after the fact and still making the collectors jump through hoops to get the cards that should have been in their boxes originally.

To get this straight, to replace missing hits or damaged cards:

Scan: Scan in the pack wrapper, UPC and receipt. I guess someone who buys a pack with damaged cards is S.O.L. because they do not have a box UPC to scan or how about those shops that do not give receipts or give hand written receipts.

Email: Send those scans to

Send: Then you need to package up your damaged card, original receipt, pack wrapper and UPC and send them to Topps Customer Service at your own expense.

Wait: Then wait patiently...days, weeks or months to get the card in your hand that should have been in your box.

Being the pushy a-hole that I am I wrote Clay Luraschi of Topps regarding their poor quality control. For those that remember, I wrote My Luraschi back in July about them sending loaded boxes to Beckett and never received a response. Again I do not expect a response but I felt it necessary to at least put in the effort.

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