Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Blaster Box- 2010 Rookies And Stars Football

I am not sure why I grabbed a blaster of Rookies and Stars, I have never really been a fan and this blaster just solidified my feelings towards the product. As you can see the design is very similar to last year’s layout (and the year before that and so on). Because the cards contain a player image with no football background every card actually looks the same as the next card. The only card that stood out is the Lee Evans card because they actually used a partial football background and to make it more interesting it is from a snowstorm game.

I was happy to see a couple of young Cardinals, Wells and Fitzgerald, along father time himself, Matt Hasslebeck. I was a bit disappointed that the only other Seahawks that I pulled were actually players no longer suiting up in neon green, Nate Burleson (Detroit Lions), Deion Branch (Patriots) and TJ Houshmandzadeh (Baltimore Ravens).

My relic was a white jersey swatch from Mardy Gilyard cut from a jersey worn at the 2010 NFL Players Rookie Premier. I have seen Gilyard way to often this year; if my hit is not a Gilyard then it is usually from Limas Sweed. Color me lucky.

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  1. That Evans "Snow Storm" card is taken from the last few days here in Buffalo.