Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Blaster Box- 2009-10 Panini Threads Basketball

It has been almost a month since I last posted about a random blaster box so I figured since I have 6 blaster boxes worth of packs sitting on my dresser I better get back to this subject. And do a little catching up.

Today’s post comes from a blaster box of 2009-10 Panini Threads Basketball set, one of the pretty standard sets coming from Panini. I do like the use of action photos, basketball cards are one of the best options for the action collectors. Close up images and some of these photographers captured amazing shots.

The base cards that drew my interest originally would be the Durant card and the 2 ex-U of A players Mike Bibby and Andre Iguodala along with a jersey die-cut of Agent Zero himself, Gilbert Arenas. So a Durant and 3 U of A players were enough to make me smile.

I pulled a couple of parallels of which I am not certain of which parallels they are. The pack lists the base parallels as Silver/Gold/Platinum/Orange Century Proofs. The problem I am having is that the break down goes as such: Silver #/499, Gold #/99, Platinum #/25 and I can only find limited info on the Orange Proof and all I came across is “elusive” when described.

My Al Jefferson is #/249 and my Tayshaun Prince, which is obviously a reddish/orange color on the front, has no numbering on the back. Any help deciphering this would be appreciated.

I pulled a couple of the jersey die-cuts, Gilbert Arenas and Vince Carter. I like these cards being the shape of a jersey, it works well for basketball cards. I would love to pull an autographed version of these cards.

The “hit” is a Nate Robinson jersey relic Century Stars insert. I cannot get over the hilarious design, who thought it would be a good idea to toss a player on top of what appears to be a crumbling wall with angles in all directions and then toss in a die cut window over the jersey?

After going through the packs again I came across a collection of young and old stars. Some old dogs still holding their own in the league like Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Chauncey Billups. That is 6 NBA titles in just 4 players; given Parker has 3 of them but still an impressive list no matter what.

Next up are the young guns, along with Kevin Durant I also pulled his teammate Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, Brandon Roy and CP3. While none of these players will be on a title winning team any time soon they are definitely on teams that can hold their own and may be a force in the future.

My last card is actually a trivia question type of card. Who went from being the #2 Pick overall in the 2008 NBA Draft to being traded away by the Heat to make room for King James and Chris Bosh? Why that would be that Beasley kid up there in Minnesota. You know that place where Garnett demanded to leave and Rickey Rubio refuses to play at. The good news is that if the Timberwolves try hard they may make it back over the 20-win season hump.


  1. I just got an orange T-Mac - did you find out any more on these?

  2. I just pulled a John Wall jersey shaped card out of a walmart box.