Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little More Love For 2012 Topps UFC Knockout

OK, I have been pretty hard on Topps lately but I have to say the decision to include redemption cards for actual fighter-worn gloves in the upcoming 2012 UFC Knockout release, scheduled to hit shelves in January, is definitely going to make fans happy.

 One thing that I noticed about the announcement was that Topps used the term “fighter-worn” gloves and not “fight-worn” gloves so I do not know if that was just an error in the copy or if the gloves are just event-worn gloves.

There will be 40 fighters included on the checklist and they each signed two gloves so 80 redemption cards total. The entire checklist has not been released so at this point I do not know which 40 fighters will be included in the signed glove checklist but so far 7 fighters have been announced:

AG-LM Lyoto Machida
AG-AN Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera
AG-JA Jose Aldo
AG-AS Anderson Silva
AG-CS Chael Sonnen
AG-RC Randy Couture
AG-JDS Junior dos Santos

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