Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Blaster Box- 2011 Topps Lineage Baseball

Now that the baseball regular season is over and the post-season has begun I decided to close out another Mariners losing season with a final baseball blaster box review. Again behind the times I grabbed up a couple of Topps Lineage boxes to review and I have to say I am satisfied with the product.

I like the mix of players that has been included; we see some vintage players like Wagner and Cobb, toss in some post-war players like Mantle and Jackie Robinson and finish up with modern players Ichiro and a sprinkling of youth like Pineda and Upton. The cards are all colorized, which makes for a cohesive set and the border works mostly, I don’t like the open right-hand it just feels unfinished though. Completing the cards are the logos for each player, with retired player’s logos being the actual logo from the team at the time. I pulled one Venezuelan card, a Derek Jeter. The cards are no different than the basic set card except for the back being in Spanish.

There is a plethora of parallels including Diamond and Platinum Diamond but the Stand Ups are one of my favorites, I pulled a Pujols and Jason Heyward, not a bad pair to get. I also pulled a Jackie Robinson Cloth Sticker, another interesting parallel. Unfortunately none of the 3D cards made it in to my box.

Closing out the blasters are the 1975 minis, a decent addition but I can understand how some people are getting tired of minis being put in almost every set, not to mention the whole retro being overdone things. I pulled 4 regular minis with Lou Gehrig being my highlight of almost the entire box, tying with the Robinson cloth sticker. Each blaster also included a 75 mini relic card, a Nelson Cruz (mhm) relic and a cool Joe Mauer relic that has some stitching along the left side.


  1. The blasters probably make even more sense than the Hobby Boxes since the auto checklists are so terrible.