Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preview: 2011 SP Game-Used MLS

With the MLS season winding down over the next few weeks (with my Sounders sitting securely in a playoff position) Upper Deck has released some preview shots of the upcoming SP Game-Used MLS set which is scheduled to hit shelves right in the middle of the playoffs in November.

Upper Deck, currently the only card designer with a MLS license, usually produces a single set each year which they keep tight wraps on until right before release. In prior years they have even held the sales sheets close until mere days before the product was scheduled to hit so this was a bit unexpected but I think with the set being so similar to the NHL SP Game-Used set they were a little more open on posting information.

No pricing information has been announced and none of the authorized dealers are even offering pre-sells yet but with a similar pack out to the NHL product I am going to guess the product probably runs a similar $175-180/box price tag, a serious price increase over the base MLS sets. I wonder how soccer fans will take to the higher price?

Box Break:
3 cards/pack, 6 packs/box
1 Auto or Memorabilia card per pack
3 Numbered Rookie cards

 Some of the highlights include first cards of Charlie Davies, a solid phenom, as well as rookie cards for Juan Agudelo and WPS rookie Alex Morgan. Upper Deck is also introducing By The Letter Game Used relics to soccer plus multi-relic hits and oversized patches.

 From my understanding these card images are mock-ups.

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