Friday, March 9, 2012

First Images of 2012 Bowman Signature Football

A little over a week ago we got our first preview of 2012 Topps Football now Topps is following that up with a preview of 2012 Bowman Signatures, a high-end set that will contain one auto or auto-relic per pack. Boxes will contain 5 packs and run @ $125 based on pre-sell prices. Each box will contain 2 Chrome Refractor Rookie on-card autograph cards. There will also be red parallel versions signed in red ink and limited to #/15. The other three autograph cards will be a combination or autographs or auto-relic cards.
So far only three images have been released, an Andrew Luck Chrome Rookie Autograph card a generic Base Rookie Autograph parallel card and a Cam Newton Inside the Numbers Autograph card.
I really like the Chrome Refractor Rookie autographs, hopefully Nick Foles will make the final checklist. I made a mockup of what the Andrew Luck card may look like when the product is released in May.

If for some reason Indy either trades the pick or selects RG3 with the first pick we may be seeing Luck with the Cleveland Browns. So, I decided to make a Luck/Browns mock up too.

Update: The latest report from ESPN (and the Washington Post) says that the Washington Redskins have pulled off a trade with the St. Louis Rams for the #2 pick in the NFL Draft. The Redskins will give up this year's First Round (#6) and Second Round (#39) picks plus their 2013 and 2014 First Round picks. So, playing "What If?" again, if for some reason the Colts select RG3 with the first pick I made a Luck/Redskins mock up.

I promise... this is the last mock up...


  1. If he DOES end up with the Colts, I sure hope they do a better job photoshopping the helmet than that! Look how tiny the horseshoe is! He's not playing for the Colts! He's playing for the My Little Ponies!


    1. Ouch man, I made the mockup cards. Yea, I guess the horse shoe on his helmet was on the small side. I fixed it and upgraded him from a My Little Pony to a true Colt.