Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leaf Metal MMA Finally Arives

Leaf Metal MMA has finally hit shelves and singles are showing up on eBay. After a number of delays and product changes it is good to see it arrive. The final checklist contains 42 base autographs, 5 Champions, 11 National Pride and 14 Nicknames plus a Jon Jones Buyback auto card (from last year’s preview cards).

There are some huge fighters signing for this set (every autograph is on-card too) and there are some up and coming fighters. Unfortunately some of the biggest names are not included due to UFC/Topps licensing, we will not see GSP, Junior dos Santos, Ben Henderson, Carlos Condit or Nick Diaz among others. Leaf did get fan favorite Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste in to the base autograph checklist.

The base set contains 42 cards and each card (minus the Jon Jones) has 4 prismatic parallels; Silver (#/50), Blue (#/25), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1). The Jon Jones Buyback auto has 3 versions #/32, #/7 and #/5.
Aldo Base- Silver
The Champions set has only 5 cards on the checklist, each a current or former champion. Silver (#/25), Blue (#/10), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1). The checklist is made up of: Alistair Overeem, Cris Cyborg, Dominick Cruz, Gegard Mousasi and Megumi Fuji.
Overeem Champions- Blue
I find it interesting that Leaf released a preview image of a Champions Alistair Overeem Blue parallel and he signed his last name. Overeem is known for having an autograph that challenges Chis Johnson’s chick-scratch auto, he usually signs just “AO” so if this is an actual autograph I would expect it to fetch a premium.

The National Pride set has 11 fighters and features the fighter in front of their country’s flag. This subset was included in the original Leaf MMA set and was so loved that Leaf decided to continue it in Metal. There are 4 versions Silver (#/25), Blue (#/10), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1).
Werdum National Pride- Red
Famous Nicknames contains 14 fighters along with their nickname and again there are 4 versions Silver (#/25), Blue (#/10), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1). The set contains one of the most famous fighters, Jon “Bones” Jones, but also includes Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Shane “The Engineer” Carwin among others.
Jones Famous Nicknames

Some of the highlights already found:

If you are interested in watching a Beckett box break of the product you can see it on Beckett's blog. No surprises, the boxes are loaded.

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