Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lionel Messi Lights Up The UEFA Champions League

Last night Lionel Messi, currently one of the best footballers (soccer to us Americans) in the world, scored 5 goals in a UEFA Champions League match leading FC Barcelona to a 7-1 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

Now take in to consideration that Bayer Leverkusen is not a crappy team, they are in the Top 5 of the German Bundesliga (Germany's top soccer league) and is the #2 team in Group E of the UEFA Champions League (The top teams in Europe). This was by no means a bully beat down by Barcelona but a serious match of decent teams.

Messi is a world-class athlete whose cards sell for some insane numbers, though not as common in the U.S. Only a handful of Messi’s cards have been released in the U.S. in Panini World Cup sets (and the 2010 Sticker set) and Panini’s Adrenalyn XL card game, none of which sell from much. His Futera cards, a Dubai-based card company known for upper end product, go for a significantly higher amount with his relics selling over $50 and autographs for hundreds.

For Messi collectors his 2012 Futera Unique 1/1 Framed Auto card is the current card to find. This 1/1 on-card autograph with a 24-ct gold plated frame is going to go for an insane price when found. For comparison, a 2011 Futera Unique Cristiano Ronaldo autograph #/25 is selling for $1,200 BIN price.

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  1. Messi s'est établi parmi les meilleurs joueurs du monde avant l'âge de 20 ans.