Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now What Could Go Wrong With This Situation?

Before I go in to my personal reflection of this situation I have to ask…

Is there any way that this scenario does not end in someone losing their job at the end of next season due directly to this trade?

This afternoon, after a couple days of guessing and rumors, the NY Jets have pulled the trigger on a trade with the Denver Broncos for celebrity RB QB Tim Tebow. The Jets are giving the Broncos their 4th and 6th Round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft and in return get Tebow and the Broncos 7th Round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Looking from the outside in on this trade you have to admit it is a circus plain and simple. The Jets are a team that is dysfunctional that is going to get significantly more dysfunctional.

Mr. Sanchez is a player looking to get paid and laid and came off of his worst season yet and to show their lack of support the Jets went after Peyton Manning. When that fell through, to appease the thin-skinned QB, they offered up an extension on his contract, which he still had two years left remaining.

The locker room is split and possibly shattered and when back-up (possibly out of a job now) QB Greg McElroy talked about it on the radio after the season the team tried to play it off like McElroy was just talking to make a name for himself, but all anyone had to do was watch the Twitter spat between Sanchez and Holmes and you know something is seriously wrong in the land of Oz.

Now toss in a Head Coach who tried to re-invigorate the team late last season with the Wildcat offense and a new Offensive Coordinator in Tony Sparano, who made the Wildcat work wonders in Miami, and suddenly it appears that the game plan is going to be altered to use the abilities of Tebow.

So here we have a broken team, a QB with no support or confidence, an incoming QB who’s abilities favors the potentially new offense and things are going to get F*&%#D quickly. To add to the fracture, Tebow was a starting QB and you can be assured he is coming in to New York expecting to have a fair chance at earning the Jets starting job while the team's management knows they have to avoid any QB conflict or they will completely loose Sanchez, whose confidence will be wavering.

While John Elway may have feigned support for Tebow in Denver (proving his true feelings the minute Manning showed up in town) another Hall of Fame QB is not sharing the same sentiment. Broadway Joe, speaking to ESPN NY 1050 today, stated his feelings about the potential trade. He said that he felt that this was an entire publicity stunt by the Jets and that bringing in Tebow could hurt the team and would add serious pressure on Mark Sanchez especially coming on the heels of the team signing QB Drew Stanton the other day.

Does anyone else find it funny that the Jets now have two QBs who could not be any more morally different with one who is a Party Boy and another who has solid Christian values?

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