Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Early Preview: 2013 Panini Playbook Football

Panini Playbook Football is back for another year and will be released in October, each $175 box will come with 4 cards; 2 booklet cards and 2 additional cards. All four cards are hits with at least one booklet autograph and one additional autograph.
With a name like Playbook the booklet cards are the highlight of the product and there will be a collection of rookies and veteran booklets.

Some of this year’s highlights include the Down & Dirty Booklet, which contains unwashed jersey relics, Playbook Rookies Signature Booklets, which contain a relic and one of the rookies favorite plays sketched out, and my favorite the Flywire Booklets, a triple relic booklet card that contains the NFL Shield and Flywire stitching form the player’s jersey color.

There will also be base autograph cards, which will have three parallels: Gold, Green and Black

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