Sunday, July 7, 2013

The UFC Upset Of The Year

Tonight during UFC 162 Anderson Silva’s antics led to one of the biggest upsets of the year. Heading in to the fight the 38-year old Silva was 33-4, 16-0 in the UFC. Silva had actually never lost in the UFC and his last loss, which was a DQ, was over 7 years ago, his last legit loss was in 2004 against Ryo Chonan.
Silva’s actions tonight are the direct cause to him losing his title. His fans are already claiming that Silva wasn’t trying (Really, Silva wasn’t trying to retain his belt? Ok...) and that Weidman was just lucky, which may be the case, but Silva basically handed the title to Weidman.
Silva spent most of the first two rounds dropping his hands, acting injured, dancing and taunting Weidman which did take Weidman, a wrestler by nature, out of his game plan but I don’t think that Silva was expecting the left hook that knocked him the fuck out.
When asked about the taunting by Joe Rogan after the fight Silva ignored the question and then went on to say he did not want a re-match or even fight for a belt ever again. I guess when you lose looking like an asshole you shut up and accept the loss. The sad thing is that Silva is easily one of the best three fighters in the UFC right now and his antics may have ruined his career. You don’t see GSP or Jon Jones doing the Harlem Shake in the middle of a fight and sadly after an amazing career this is how he may be remembered. Any superfight that happens now will go on with out the Spider on the bill.

Anderson Silva's card prices were among the top, not as high as some of Georges St-Pierre or Jon Bones Jones cards, but he was easily among the top of next level pricing and in the end I don't think that the loss will greatly affect his card prices but had he kept winning his prices would have continued moving upwards.

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  1. Last night was a total embarrassment for the legend. He reminded me of Apollo Creed... dancing around with his hands down.

    He's no doubt one of the greatest... but you're exactly correct, there are plenty of people who will remember Silva for last night's fight. I'm hoping he keeps his hands up in the rematch (there's no way this doesn't take place... right?).