Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sneak Peek At Sportkings National VIP Cards

ITG/Sportkings will be offering a 9-card VIP set for VIP ticket holders plus three wrapper redemption programs, one for opening a box of Sportkings Series F and one for opening a 16-box case of Sportkings Series F at their booth and one for opening a 10-box case of Horrors of War II.
The 9-card VIP set includes a Sportkings Anthology of Chicago Blackhawks hall of Famers like Hull, Mikita and Esposito.

The wrapper redemption program is two levels, if you open a box of Sportkings Series F you will receive a multi-relic memorabilia card and if you open a 16-box case you get a 1/1 “Spectacular” Patch card.

The redemption for opening a 10-box case of Horrors of War II is quite interesting, when you open the case you will receive a coupon for a custom made 1/1 Art Relic card. After the National you can exchange the coupon for a card to be made specifically for you, you choose a personality that you would like sketched on the card and Famous Fabrics will add an authentic relic from the corresponding conflict. An example card was included in the announcement.

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