Friday, July 19, 2013

Sneak Peek At Panini's National VIP Cards

Panini will be offering a 6 card VIP set and a larger National Base set, which will be a multi-sport set that contains 23 rookie cards (including the first Puig MLBPA rookie card) and roughly 50 veterans.
The 6-card VIP set is all rookies, so far only the first four cards have been previewed with the final two rookies being announced on the first day of the National Convention. I am guessing Puig will be one of the two players and maybe one of the NBA rookies. Here are the first four cards shown.


This is the larger base set with rookies, vets and inserts. I have selected a couple of each group to give an idea instead of posting close to 100 card images


Inserts Kings:

Inserts Team Colors- The entire set is Chicago players from the past and present

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