Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Randy Couture TTM Success

Earlier this year I sent a TTM request to Macklemore for my nephew and was happy to get it back in just over a month. I first started sending TTM requests in the 1990s when I got back in to collecting and after getting no responses I gave up due to frustration but after my luck earlier this year I decided to give it another try, this time I sent a request to Randy Couture. I sent the request on August 8th and got it back on August 17th, a nine-day turn around.

Couture is one of my favorite MMA fighters so I selected a card that I really liked, the 2011 Topps UFC Title Shot Legacy card.
Because I also like Couture’s character Toll Road in the Expendables movies, my favorite recent action film series, I wanted to get an Expendables autograph but there are no cards for the movie series so I made my own. I used a great clear image from Expendables 2 and I tweaked the autograph design from my Mel Brooks series. I kept the card simple, his image along with the Expendables logo and along the bottom I added a mist similar to what Topps uses for autographs but I think I will remove the mist for future cards because I like the bold signature across the front. I may only use the mist if I have a dark image where the autograph my get lost otherwise.
I even made a back with his bio. I plan on using the same design for other actors/athletes so I can easily change the bio. I created the box for the bio using a grunge style but now I realize that the bottom of the box looks like my printer was running out of ink so I plan on cleaning that up for future cards.

The scan looks washed out, the card does not look like this in hand. I have included the digital file to show the true solid black coloring. As you can see in the card I did not include a border, those lines in the digital file are the cutline.

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