Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hurry... Hurry... Step Right Up

Just a one card post today.
I picked up this 2013 Viceroy Carnival Barker Metal Card #AC5 not long ago. Viceroy is one of those fringe card companies that offer an extremely unique and niche card built mostly on sketch cards. Currently there are five different Viceroy Cards release; Carnival, Cryptids, The Deep and Insectae and Space.

Besides the cool sketch cards there are some very interesting base cards, this card is from the Artist Cards checklist and is #/25 each but they are not individually numbered. I guess we just have to trust them.

The card is metal and the red box on the back is actually just a sticker similar to what you would find on a printing plate. The back sticker is difficult to read, even when in hand. There are three lines beneath the “Barker” box. The first line down says “Metal Insert Card AC5”, beneath that “Limited Edition Of 25”. The bottom line (in white) is the Viceroy copyright information.

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