Friday, August 14, 2015

Silva The Spider Caught In His Own Web Of Lies

Anderson Silva, once considered among the best fighter pound-for-pound, continues to damage his once sterling reputation with a mockery of a defense.

In January Silva failed not one but two steroid tests (Drostanolone and Androstane) prior to his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, the results were not released until after the fight. In response to the failed tests he was set for a disciplinary hearing, which was yesterday, thus giving him over 6 months since his failed test to prepare his defense. Unfortunately his attorney is apparently Lionel Hutz
Basically here is how the trial played out:

He claimed the reason he failed the test in January because he ingested a blue contaminated sexual-enhancing drug that was given to him by a casual friend from Thailand.

He even brought an “expert” witness named Paul Scott who claimed to have tested the blue contaminated sexual-enhancing drug and found that it contained the anabolic steroid Drostanolone. But for some unknown reason Scott did not bring any documentation nor did he remember even the most basic of information about the substance or how he tested it.

The positive test for Androstane was due to some other contaminated substance he somehow ingested at an unknown time.

When he was questioned on why the dates do not work out, because Drostanolone only remains in the system one week, he changed his story. When asked about why he did not disclose that he had taken the mystery blue liquid on the prefight questionnaire he said it was because of its private nature.

He lawyer closed out his defense with a statement that he had never failed an out-of-competition drug test prior to his January test, he neglected to point out that this was Silva's first out-of-competition drug test so basically now he has failed 100% of all of his drug tests.
The Nevada State Athletic Commission ruled that Silva would be suspended one-year, fined $380,000 and his UFC 183 fight results were changed to a No Contest. The UFC has supported this disciplinary judgment.

Now Silva, who is 40 years old, will be suspended until at least early 2016 and has two losses and a NC in his last three fights. He may be done with his Hall of Fame career, which will be tarnished.

Had he just admitted guilt to using the steroids people would probably look at him differently, it would be almost understandable considering he was coming back from a gruesome leg injury and he just wanted to heal properly. I think most fans will look at cheaters with a bad taste in their mouth when they claim innocence as compared to admitting guilt when the proof is so obvious. 

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  1. Like I tell my students... it's better to be honest and be accountable for your actions, than to lie and lose the respect of your colleagues.