Thursday, August 20, 2015

Top 10 Of The Year

Tomorrow is my final post of the #500 Griffey Week and today I am going to go with my top Griffey pickups of the first half (8 months) of the year.

I want to keep this post to the Top 10 of 2015 pickups, of course there may be some awesome pickups over the remaining 4 months but they will have to wait until another post. This year I focused on some Ghost cards and some Gray Whales with four of the cards in the Top 10 being Gray Whales.

Here are the cards in chronological order (Not including the cards that I posted about earlier this week)

1988 Best San Bernardino Spirit #1
1988 ProCards Vermont Mariners #NNO

1991 Topps Micro #392 # 790

1996 Nike Griffey For President #NNO
1997 Topps Gallery Peter Max #PM5

1999 Topps Finest Peel and Reveal Sparkle #4

2000 Pacific Backyard Baseball #3
2000 UD Ionix Awesome Powers #AP1

2000 EX E-Xcpetional Red #XC1
2001 Topps Stadium Club Diamond Pearls #DP1

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  1. Yeah! Love that Peter Max insert! The Backyard Baseball Pacific insert is the only one here I don't have yet, but wait til you see how many other amazing inserts Pacific made in the late 90's/early 00's. It's a very impressive run.