Thursday, January 21, 2016

CM Punk Brings The Fight

In late 2014 CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, had an ugly divorce with Vince McMahon and the WWE. He took the opportunity to sign with the UFC and made sure that everyone knew it. The question of when he would fight has been a mystery though with most people assuming mid-late 2015 but that time has passed and we are still left wondering though Dana White may have finally given a date when had said that CM Punk will most likely see his first UFC fight in June, which would be at UFC 199. His opponent, while not set in stone, appears to be a young fighter named Mickey Gall. Gall has only one professional fight and is set to fight next month so as long as he wins he will most likely face CM Punk.

I was never a fan of CM Punk’s but I didn’t dislike him either, I do have to say that he is a showman so he will do well in UFC as long as he wins.

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