Monday, January 18, 2016

Sketch Cards That Are Just Simple Sketches

Pop Mhan is a very talented artist who has worked for the top companies in the graphic novel world. Dark Horse Comics, Marvel and DC and his work is among the best that I have seen so when I came across his sketch cards form the 2004 Topps Star Wars Clone Wars release I was utterly surprised at the rudimentary sketches he did for the set.

He has two subjects that he did sketches of for the release, Yoda and the Emperor. I found a number of auctions for his Yoda cards and you can see how simple these cards are and the limited changes. I would be bummed pulling one of these cards. His Emperor cards are similar with just basic line changes from card to card.

Now compare that work with a Wolverine sketch card he did for the 2007 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces release. You have to wonder if he was limited on a time constraint or something else that would have him doing very basic cards for one set when he obviously has an amazing talent.


  1. I am amazed at how much sketch card quality can vary from set to set for a given artist. The first post I wrote for my trading card blog discusses this, as I compared an amazing portrait done by artist Kevin Doyle for Star Wars Galaxy 5 and the Kevin Doyle sketch I pulled from Star Wars Galaxy 7, which was a simple helmet outline colored in sloppily with purple crayon. Some of it might have to do with the compensation the artist receives for the set, the timeline between receiving the cards and the due date, and how much other work the artist has going on at the time. Still, it always sucks to pull a 'bad' sketch. I can understand pulling a sketch that you just don't like much because the subject matter or art style isn't your thing, but I consider a 'bad' sketch to be one where you can tell the artist just didn't bother to even try.

  2. Wow. Opposite ends of the spectrum for sure. I'd welcome any Yoda sketch to my PC... but I definitely wouldn't pay much for one of those. On the other hand... that Wolverine is truly a Masterpiece.