Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quarterback Roulette Time

Where do these failed quarterbacks end up? Who has a job next season and who is sitting at home watching the game?

Sam Bradford

Robert Griffin III

Colin Kaepernick

Johnny Manziel

Geno Smith
Tim Tebow

There are rumors that the Cowboys are interested in RG3 and Billy Vegas...er Johnny Manziel, what could ever go wrong there? Will Colin K get a third chance under his third coach in three seasons? Will Bradford go somewhere where he isn't expected to win (Looking at you Cleveland)? Will Geno Smith be out of the NFL while Tim Tebow makes a triumphant return?


  1. I think everyone but Tebow gets on a team next year. That Manziel story was too good to be true. He really does have a problem.

    I hope Geno can find a good situation as a backup.

  2. Bradford-backing up Cousins in Washington. RGIII-Houston, shows some promise in preseason but he gets let go in last cutdown. Kap-Dallas, behind Romo. Manziel-Rehab, again. Geno Smith-still with the Jets. Tebow-teaching Sunday school someplace.