Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Griffey Is In The Hall

As expected Ken Griffey Jr. was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame with the highest voting percentage ever today with 437 out of 440 votes (99.3%). He topped the previous high Tom Sever with 98.84% in 1992. The Hall of Fame class of 2016 will also include Mike Piazza (selected on his 4th attempt).

Jeff Bagwell, Time Raines and Trevor Hoffman came close, missing by 15 votes, 23 votes and 34 votes respectively. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds increased their percentage slightly but still fell way short of the 75% requirement. Curt Schilling, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina also increased their percentages and Mark McGwire will now be removed from the ballot after appearing 10 times. The percentage increases are mostly due to the HoF voting change which dropped over 100 voting writers who are no longer active.


  1. Happy for both Griffey and Piazza. Now keeping my fingers crossed for Mr. Raines as he approaches his final opportunity with the BBWAA.