Friday, November 4, 2016

On To The Next Thousand

I have officially topped the 1,000 mark for unique Griffey cards and have moved my collection from a 1,000-ct box to a 5,000-ct box. Big aspirations but considering that I went from 92 Griffey cards to 1,033 Griffey cards in 22 months I now know that I can build a nice Griffey collection for a reasonable price.
What card is #1,000? Well, I am not absolutely certain because as I got closer to the big 1K I went on a bit of a splurge and they all came in within a 7-10 days of each other so I am going to use one of the cooler cards from the purchases as my target card.
The card is from the 2000 Pacific Aurora release and is from the Dugout View Net-Fusions insert which replicates the foul pole netting. There are a couple of netting cards that were released around this time by Pacific and it is pretty cool that in this version they used net-like material.
In other Ken Griffey Jr. PC news, I have begun the great migration of keeping an Excel spreadsheet of my complete Griffey collection with the uncertainty of Zistle leaves me concerned that all my information could be gone in a moment.


  1. Man I love that card. I have the card of other players, just not the Ken I need

    1. I am still a little ways from the monster 1,000

  2. Congrats! Even with the size of my collection (about 130,000 cards) only one person tops the thousand mark for me. As a basketball collector it should not be a surprise that it's Jordan. Jeff Gordon in NASCAR is close too. Hitting 1000 on any person is a major milestone.

  3. Wow! Nearly 1,000 Griffeys in less than 2 years time? That's getting down to business! Congrats on the milestone.