Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Complete Set Of Mariners 2016 Topps Now Cards

Now that I have received the final card that I needed yesterday my 2016 Topps Now baseball team collection is complete with all 16 Mariners, including both of Griffey’s cards, plus I have two Ichiro cards. I finally gave in and purchased the Chris Iannetta #67 but the rest of the cards I either paid the $9.99 Topps price or less when I go the eBay route when you pre-purchase them usually they sell at $6 or $7 dollars before the release numbers are announced. My collection includes the error card #474 which was supposed to be Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Correa but instead includes Nomar Garciaparra and Mookie Betts on the front but the correct back so I am including it as a Mariner card.
Next year I don't think I will chase all of the Mariners card, instead sticking to just specific events and maybe a team card if there is one.

The 2016 Mariners checklist:

#16 Dae-Ho Lee

#25 Hirashi Iwakuma

#63 Felix Hernandez

#67 Chris Iannetta

#97 Leonys Martin

#111 MLB Honors American Troops (The middle panel is of the Mariners bench)
#120 Seattle Mariners

#178 Adam Lind

#263 Adam Lind

#268 Leonys Martin

#281 Ken Griffey Jr HOF

#408 Pat Venditte

#453 Taijuan Walker

#474 Alex Rodriguez/Carlos Correa

#487 Robinson Cano

#AS-1 Ken Griffey Jr. All Star Game

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  1. I'm hoping the Vogelmonster gets a card next year. Congrats on completing the team set!