Monday, November 7, 2016

Sketch Cards Winners- Contact Me

I will admit that I am a little disappointed with the limited response to this contest but I go with what I have so since we have 7 entries and I have 8 cards everyone is a winner. Since everyone gets a card I randomized the list 7 times for the final order.
The draft order is:
  1. 1. The Lost Collector
  2. CaptKirk42
  3. Defgav
  4. ARPSmith
  5. Sports Card Colletors
  6. Jon
  7. Shane Kroeker
I do have a couple of addresses but I am not certain if they are current so if each person can email me with their information and address and a list of the order of cards from your favorite (#1) to least favorite (#8). I will ship the cards based on order and selection and if you include a favorite team or player in your email I will try to include some other cards to your envelope.

The cards available
Freddy Krueger


Damien Thron

Jason Voorhees

Jack Torrence

Norman Bates

Pale Man

The Invisible Man


  1. Cool Thanks Sending Email shortly.

  2. I loved the sketches but decided not to enter since I've already been graced with a couple of your awesome sketches. And they were ones that fit my collection so much better. I figured that I would let other bloggers take part in this contest for the horror movie sketches.

    I should have posted how much I liked the sketches. Sorry that you felt bad about the limited response.

  3. I really, really dislike horror movies so I didn't enter. The artwork is just fine, the subject is just not something I'm into.