Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vader's Heartbreaking Announcement

Last night the 61-year old Leon White, also known in the wrestling world as Vader announced that he has serious heart problems and has been told he doesn’t have much longer to live (he says two years or less).  He has not said there is one specific reason but two different doctors have said that his lengthy athletic career may be a contributing factor.
He got his start playing football and was a two-time All-American during his time at the University of Colorado and was drafted by the LA Rams, where he played in the 1979 Super Bowl. After damaging his knee he turned to wrestling, which would seem like a worse option for someone with knee problems, but he won titles in various wrestling outfits spending most of his time in WCA and WWF/E with his final time in the ring in 2015 in the TNA.
I got back in to watching wrestling in the mid-90s until about 5 years ago and Vader was always fun to watch but really he was more entertaining than wrestler due to his size.
Even though he spent two years in the NFL and made it to the Super Bowl he still didn’t have any football cards, which isn’t odd considering he played Center. He does have plenty of wrestling cards with his only official autographs through Leaf’s Original Wrestling sets.


  1. I liked Vader too. He was so athletic for a big guy. Hopefully he gets some better news in the coming months.

  2. Bummer. Doctors have been known to makes mistakes from time to time. Hopefully he has more than two years to enjoy life with his friends and family.