Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Fossils & Artifacts Cards Redemption Set Finalized

Upper Deck has completed the redemption cards for the 2011 Parkhurst Champions Fossils and Artifacts set and posted up some images of some of the cards. I know there are collectors who do not like non-sports cards in sports card sets but you have to admit that Upper Deck has done an amazing job with the fossil and artifact cards. There are 18 cards total on the checklist, this includes both regular and mini-cards. There are 4 cards that are available as both mini-card and regular (Roman Coin, Greek Coin, Aztec Blade and Auroch Skull) and 1 mini (Raptor Tooth) that is only available as a mini-card.

Some of the photos that they posted (Raptor Tooth, Aztec Blade and Greek Coin) appear to be the mini-versions. There is currently one mini-version of the Aztec Blade up for auction with a $350 BIN price. The card up for auction looks like it sits inside a large white border, probably a holder or protector for the card.

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