Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011 Topps Magic Football- Worth It? Yes or No?

Next week (1/25/12) Topps will be releasing the 2011 Magic Football set and there will be some changes from the 2010 release. First this will be a rookie only release and second the product will only be sold through Topps’ online store. Each $19.99 box contains 10 rookie base cards and 1 rookie autograph. According to a Topps rep the shipping will be $8-12 (WTF?) depending on shipping preferences and location.

The set contains 100 base cards and 10 short print parallels for a 110-card base checklist plus 68 autographs. There are also 68 Black Magic Autograph parallels (Black bordered and #1/1) and 8 Black Magic Cut Signatures (Silver inked cut-signatures).

The Topps Magic Football set has changed over the years, 2009 was an NCAA product and 2010 was an NFL product but the most obvious change has been this year’s product. These base cards use some awfully bright colors, bordering on fluorescent in some case, and to counter that the autographed parallels are muted in color. I have to admit, besides the colors I do like the design but I am disappointed that Topps is shutting down the card shops/online retailers and requiring buyers to go through them and their insane shipping costs.

Cam Newton Base

Cam Newton Base SP

Cam Newton Bae Auto parallel

Cam Newton Black Magic Cut Signature

Mark Ingram Base SP

Mark Ingram Base Auto parallel

Mark Ingram Black Magic Cut Signature

Doug Baldwin Base

Ryan Williams Base


  1. I probably won't buy any packs... but if someone built the set and was selling it for a reasonable price, I'd pick it up. I like the design and the bright colors don't really bug me (sort of brings me back to 1972 & 1975 Topps baseball).

  2. I absolutely loved 2010 Topps Magic, but I'm not too sure about these changes. If I could pick up a $20 box at local retail I'd give it a whirl. To throw an additional $10 for shipping on top of the purchase price? No thank you. I'll just look for the few players I want and stick with that.