Saturday, January 7, 2012

WOW! A Sweet Lou Gehrig Relic... But For Real This Time

Last September a Topps Triple Threads 1/1 Lou Gehrig relic (bat knob and dual relics) was posted up for auction and many collectors noted that the dual relics appeared to be made of a polyester fabric and not wool like the uniforms that Gehrig would have worn during his playing days. Polyester did not even make it in to player’s uniforms until the 1970s, well after Lou Gehrig had died so there was not even the chance this was an Old-Timers Game uniform or a Tribute worn uniform.

Within a week the news was all over the blogosphere (I found out about it while reading Sooz’s post on her blog A Cardboard Problem) and other hobby outlets. Some were claiming it was simply a mistake (Really, a mistake with a 1/1?) and some claimed it was an altered card by the collector who was fortunate enough to own this beauty but no matter what anyone believed the major question on everyone’s mind was “What will Topps do?

Fast-forward three months and we find that Topps has stepped up to correct the problem, removing the questionable fabrics and replacing them with a Lou Gehrig cut-signature. I applaud Topps for doing the right thing. Topps has yet to explain how the problem happened in the first place but I figure we will never hear the truth on that one.

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