Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Famous Fabrics Unleashes The Presidents

In February we will be seeing the release of the 2012 Famous Fabrics Ink 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW product; this is probably one of the longest product names that I have seen in a long time.
Each box will contain 6 cards- 2 Cut Signatures and 4 Base cards. There are only 240 total boxes to be made and each base card is limited to #/10 with the Cut Signatures limited to #/3 or less. The specific release date or price have not been announced yet but based on similar prior releases expect to see $150-175 per box.
The base set consists of 96 cards over 3 subsets, the Presidents, Presidential Couples and Presidential Pets. The Cut Signature checklist includes single cuts (1 Presidential Cut per box) as well as First Ladies plus there are dual Cut Signatures too including Presidential Couples, Running Mates, Presidential Opponents and Forever Linked. Interestingly there will not be any George Washington cards at all, base set or cut signatures.
Each card will be encased and it appears that numbering will be similar to the 2011 Horrors of War set that Famous Fabrics released last year with each base card having a serial number (#/10) as well as a Series number to signify where it is in the overall master set.
The preview pictures show a generic series number of #/420 on each base card and #/240 on the Cut Signatures but considering a 96-card base set checklist and with base cards #/10 each means that the Series number for the base set should be #/960 and not #/420 as shown also the Cut Signatures should have a Series number of #/480 considering two Cut Signatures per box and 240 boxes made.

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