Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Mr. Addams

Yesterday, January 7th, would have been Charles Addams 100th birthday (he died in 1988). Addams was one of the finest cartoonists around in his day and his work still “haunts” us even today. His first cartoon was published in 1932 but it was his Addams Family cartoon strip that made him famous. Between 1938 and 1988 his Addams Family cartoons appeared in the New Yorker which led to the original television show in 1964, a show that I grew up with watching re-runs in the 1970s. Following his death in 1988 there was a slight revival of his work in the form of two feature films, an animated television series in the early 90s and the New Addams Family television show in the late 90s. Even today the Addams Family is still getting attention following the announcement that Tim Burton will be directing a stop-motion Addams Family movie though no release date has been announced.

I decided to create a custom set (using designs that I created for a Jackie Earle Haley custom set), the family in one design and other characters from the show using another design. I tossed Cousin Itt in to the “other” list because he was not a main character of the show and only appeared in less than half the shows in the series.

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