Monday, January 30, 2012

Topps Gimmick Cards Keep Getting Noticed

In Topps’ attempt at a “Game Changer” they have surprisingly added gimmick SP cards in to the 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 release… I know, I know, complete surprise here right?

So the SP variation that has gained some serious attention is the card #93 Skip Schumaker Rally Squirrel SP version showing the squirrel that made his appearance during the Cardinals postseason last October. The first couple of SP versions have now shown up on eBay with the first one sitting at $655.99 with 20 hours left, 3 other auctions are sitting at $107.50 (22 hours remaining), $102.50 (22 hoursremaining) and $100 (5 days remaining)

Insanity at its best but you do have to admit, even though many collectors may be tired of the gimmicks Topps does know how to keep their name in the news.


  1. Guess there's no end to the cardboard insults Topps will hurl at us!!

  2. It's insane that someone would spend over $650 for this card... but I also think it's insane that someone spends $150 for a box of cards ;-)

    That's the beauty of this hobby... if the shoe doesn't fit for one person... it'll fit for another.

  3. I opened a pack last night and Schumaker was on top. Alas, no squirrel was in sight.