Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Leaf Legends of Sport

Schedule Release Date: Ship by February 24, 2012
Box Configuration:  3 cards per pack/box
SRP: $160/box

Box Break:
3 Auto cards

My Thoughts:
The base card (Represented by the Ichiro card) has a pleasant design and the dual-auto base cards are functional. The set checklist is quite amazing and is made up of current and retired stars from around the sports world and includes: Ichiro, Pete Rose, Cal Ripken Jr., Mike Tyson, Nolan Ryan, Bill Russell, Mike Ditka and Alastar Overeem. Additionally there are cut-signatures of Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Joe Namath and Sandy Koufax (possibly more).

In addition to the base set there are 6 subsets and all cards are #/50 or less with some parallels limited to 1/1. The subsets are:
Award Winners: Autographs of major award winners

Moments of Greatness: Autos from players who reached a career highlight

Remembering the Games: Autos from Olympians

Numeration: Autos limited to the players jersey number

Perennial All-Stars: Autos of athletes who made their specific sports All-Star game, the cards are limited to the number of All-Star games in which the athlete appeared.

Dual Signatures: This is the base autograph card but with dual autographs

I admit I do like the base design and the Remembering the Games subset, the Numeration subset reminds me of Fleer designs from the 90s.

Every card is an auto

Amazing checklist

Limited numbering


Sticker autos

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