Monday, January 23, 2012

Has Leaf Created Buzz Or Just An Error?

The other day Leaf posted the first licensed Andrew Luck up for sale through their eBay store. What was not noticed was that Leaf proofers missed the misspellings of both “Anderw” and “Hight” on the backs all of the prismatic parallels. Since the Base cards were not affected they are still up for sale but all parallels auction have been ended. The Base and Metal (#/350) were selling with a BIN price and 39 of the Metal cards sold before the auction was ended. Leaf’s Brain Gray has stated that those 39 cards will be shipped with the error but all remaining cards with the misspelling will be destroyed and reprinted.

Some people have even suggested that the error was done on purpose to increase the attention of these cards. Admittedly the error and subsequent announcement by Leaf has drawn the attention of many collectors and those who were fortunate enough to purchase one of those 39 Metal error cards have begun to profit with 6 cards already posted up for auction by this afternoon, two have since sold. Prices currently range from $150 (with 8 days left) to a BIN of $349.99 (with 4 days left.), not bad for an original purchase of $14.99 plus shipping.

I have highlighted the errors on the card.

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  1. It definitely wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Gray & co. did this intentionally to create a buzz... simply because he could have easily just left all of these as "errors"... or pulled all of the "errors" and issued everyone "corrected" versions.

    Plus, as soon as Beckett lands this story (great detective work, btw) then it's free advertising for them too.