Friday, January 13, 2012

Preview: 2012 Leaf Oval Office Cut Signature

In 2008 Leaf (Razor at the time) released the 2008 Razor Cut Signature: Oval Office Edition, a $2,500/box release. Each box contained 1 cut signature card and there were 99 boxes made with each card #1/1. The set consisted of single cuts of the US Presidents and dual cuts including multiple US Presidents as well as US Presidents/Vice Presidents, US Presidents/President's Wives (or mistresses), Presidential competitors and a couple of Presidents/Assassins (or attempts).

Since 2008 a handful of cards have been sold, usually for well below the $2,500/box price. Currently there are 2 auctions from an Australian dealer; they are both set with a BIN price set at $1237 AUD ($1276 USD).

Fast forward 4 years and we see Leaf scheduled to release the 2012 Leaf Oval Office Cut Signature set. They will once again be 1 card/box pack out but there will be slight differences. There will be a max of 275 boxes but because this is a product that will be printed based on the number of orders there may actually be less than the announced 275 boxes. Each card will be numbered to #/5 or less, another difference compared to the original 1/1 release. No price or release date has been announced but I would think the $2500/box will probably return.

This set will include single cuts of the 43 US Presidents along with dual cuts of multiple US Presidents, US Presidents/Vice Presidents, US Presidents/President's wives and a couple cards that include US Presidents and foreign leaders like FDR/Hitler, JFK/Castro, Reagan/Gorbachev and even a Ulysses S Grant/Robert E Lee.

I do want to note that on the sales sheet it states:  "Cut Signatures are examples only, actual card styles may differ after production"

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